A beautiful vue.js homepage template, very useful

Vue Nice HomePage

DEMO is here


About particles-bg-vue library

This project uses the react particle background component library https://github.com/lindelof/particles-bg-vue. It's very simple. Anyone can be a Musketeer with it.



This project forks from https://github.com/mtobeiyf/vuepress-homepage, I made some modifications and adjustments, thanks to the author.

<h2> <a href="vuepress-homepage.netlify.com/guide" target="_blank" title="Getting Started"> Getting Started </a> </h2>

Check the full documentation here :point_right: Guide

Make sure you have Node.js and yarn installed.

# Clone the repo
$ git clone https://github.com/mtobeiyf/vuepress-homepage.git
$ cd vuepress-homepage

# Install dependencies
$ yarn  # or npm install

# Run
$ yarn dev  # or npm run dev

Check your site at


  • Markdown and emoji supported :smiley:
  • Elegant and minimalistic
  • Customizable and mobile-friendly
  • Multi-language support
  • Powered by VuePress and Vue.js

It's static, which means once generated, your site could be deployed anywhere, like Netlify or GitHub Pages


Released under the MIT License.

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