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A great css input and textarea input effect

A great css input and textarea input effect

Do you like Visual Studio Code as much as I do? It is really great with it.

Alt Text

One day, a good friend of mine recommended me a Visual Studio Code plugin called Power Mode. At first I didn't care, but later I accidentally installed it. Oh its effect is probably like this.


See it, suddenly I found it really fun. I think this must be the work of some boring genius. So I wonder if I can use CSS to simulate this effect.

So PowerModeInput was born.


PowerModeInput can make your text input box more compelling

Online demo



npm install --save power-mode-input


import PowerModeInput from "power-mode-input";

const input = document.getElementById("obinput");

// close PowerModeInput

// destroy PowerModeInput

// another usage
PowerModeInput.make(".phone", {
  height: 5,
  tha: [0, 360],
  g: 0.5,
  num: 5,
  radius: 6,
  circle: true,
  alpha: [0.75, 0.1],
  color: "random"

If you are in react, you can use it like this


You can use it like this in vue.js

mounted() {

Of course this can be done in angular

const inputElement = this.elementRef.nativeElement.querySelector('input');

Parameter Description

PowerModeInput.make(input, {
  height: 5,
  tha: [0, 360],
  g: 0.5,
  num: 5,
  ... // Parameter
gWhether to add gravitynumber1
numThe number of particles emitted each timenumber3
radiusThe radius of every particlenumber10
alphaThe alpha of every particlenumber.1
thaThe Particle emitter anglearray[0, 360]
vThe Particle emitter Particle velocitynumber0.5
lifeThe life of every particlenumber1.2
colorParticle colorarray or string#ffcccc
randomRandom forcenumber1.2
yParticle emitter heightnumber2
heightParticle emitter height Ibidnumber2

Develop process

Of course, the development process is not easy. At first I thought it was very easy to get the input box cursor. Well, I found out that I was wrong. I checked a lot of articles to find a good way.

If you don’t dislike it, I also want to recommend another good library. Because most of the code for power-mode-input comes from this.

I bet anyone can use it because it is very simple. If you like this project welcome star it

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